I want to start off by saying thank you to the whole iArtistradio.com Radio Nation.  You took us from 100 listeners per podcast to 48k listeners on Tunein.com alone.  At our high point you help us reach 800k listeners per month.  The support you have shown our station of the last 4 years has been tremendous.

I started iArtistradio.com’s music stream as a way to showcase music that should be heard, alongside music that was hitting on the charts.  I think we have done that pretty successfully and have shown that people want more variety in their radio experience.  This has also been proven through the shift from Terrestrial radio to online and mobil services like Pandora, Spotify, Last FM and iArtistradio.com via the Tunein radio app.

Right now the music industry isn’t making as much money as they used to and so they are passing higher and higher fees on to Internet Radio.  Terrestrial Radio has already established agreements that allow them to pay less. It costs less for a Terrestrial Radio station to play music online then online only stations.  This is the reason why Pandora purchased a Terrestrial radio station in South Dakota back in 2013. They also had to add an “Are you still listening feature” and now have limited their free accounts to 40 hours a month.  I don’t want to change our stream because I feel it will hurt our listeners radio experience.

So today we are going to end our stream the way it started.  All day we will be playing episodes from the Feedback Show.  Since the Feedback Show started it all I felt it was only right that it ends it as well.  iArtistradio.com’s stream will end at 2am on December 5th 2014 with my very first interview.

Thank again for all the love and support and I hope you continue to support us in our future indevers.


Teron “Dj Abnormal” BullockStation Program Director and owner.


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